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Just jumped off a Zoom meeting. And I wanted to do a shoutout for this incredible woman. Jasmine runs Inspired Impact She has been assisting me so much over the past few months.  Building my beautiful website.   Helping this very ‘non tech savvy’ person create so much automation and delicious things. ..... without the need to rip my hair out! And well I think she deserves a massive shoutout.  She adds so much value.  Her customer service is amazing and she is always there to help me with questions and more than happy to jump on a Zoom.  Big thank you Jas! I appreciate you more than you know! Thank you for making my life easier!  Anyone wanting help with website stuff or if you would love to get a site built reach out to her - she comes with a super dooper big recommendation from me!
Bec C Collier |

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