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best CRM for network marketers

If you struggle with making connections that lead to sales, the right system can help you feel like a successful social butterfly that everyone wants to buy from.

There are two types of network marketers - those who rise the ranks and make it look easy and those who struggle to make a liveable income and start questioning the dream they’ve been sold.

Those who rise the ranks have one skill set that makes all the difference in the world: they excel at building relationships (and making each person feel like the most important person in the world).

Some people are naturally born with better-than-average social skills. For the rest of us, there are tools and systems to help us make up the difference.

Today I want to introduce you to a simple system that anyone can use to be more effective at reaching out, following up, and filling your pipelines. There are numerous tools and programs out there to help you automate the process, so we’ll focus more on how the process makes your job easier instead of any one tool.

Ok, raise your hand right now if you’ve compiled your Names List, or address book, contact list, email list, Rolodex, or whatever you call it and you’ve reached out to each person on that list to let them know you’re their go-to person for this opportunity.

And raise your hand if you’ve searched Google, Etsy, or your MLM's resources for a better way to organize the things you're supposed to do after that.

I remember looking for printables to organize my new business or a calendar or list of things I was supposed to do to go from a list full of "No's" to my next "Yes."

And the more organized I tried to get, the more complicated it felt and I found myself dropping the ball on follow-ups until it was too late.

I searched for things like, “How long should I wait before following up again” and the collective answer was “It depends...”

Well, after years of being in business and rocking my relationship marketing, I’ve found a better answer and I want to share that with you today so you become the type of leader who rises the ranks and makes it look easy!

Build A Better Names List

There’s nothing wrong with the actual names on your list, the problem is in your sales process. Not everyone on your list is going to be ready to buy at the same point in their journey. Some will be excited to say yes the first time you tell them about it and others will need 3-10 follow-ups.

The trick is to keep that info organized in a way that allows you to follow up at the right intervals and without sounding like a broken record.

There’s a digital tool for that! 
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it’s really just a fancy technical term for what network marketers do best - build relationships.

You probably already use some form of CRM in your business, such as a Names List, address book, notebook, Rolodex, little black book, contact list, or email list. 

best network marketing customer system

We’re living in an era where customers have unlimited options for who to buy the same product from and the deciding factor is often who provided the most personalised experience. The company that’s best at relationship marketing gets the sale.

CRM makes such a big difference that there are million-dollar companies whose sole product is selling one CRM tool to multi-million dollar companies like Amazon, Xbox, or doTERRA.

But CRM is also so common that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it. It’s built into plenty of tools like Mailchimp, Wavoto, and GrooveFunnels.

Any CRM tool can keep track of everything you know about a contact, but the best tools for network marketers are the ones that organize that information in a way that makes your job easier. 

And that’s what we’re going to look at today - ways to network more effectively and deepen those relationships better than anyone else in your niche so that YOU get the customer that everyone else is competing for.

No matter which tool you use, you want to focus on automating and customising the sales process for each person on your list so they feel like a valued customer instead of a transaction.

How To Customise The Sales Process To Get More Yes’s

Imagine a prospect lands on your blog for a blog post about gut health and then signs up for your email list because they love what they learned from you.

And then imagine that the next email they get from you tries to sell them products that support focus and concentration for kids.

It’s going to feel like you blasted your list with some random email that didn’t take into consideration whether or not they even have kids, let alone the fact that they were interested in gut health.

That’s a perfect example of what happens when you don’t use CRM to customise the sales process. Perfectly wonderful prospects end up getting turned off and looking elsewhere when in fact you had them right on the verge of saying yes!

So let’s look at this same scenario, this time using CRM to customise the experience:

A prospect lands on your blog for a blog post about gut health and then signs up for your email list because they love what they learned from you.

Your CRM tags them as someone interested in gut health, based on the blog post they viewed. Now, every email they get will be focused on solutions for gut health and the products that support that.

Now your prospect feels like you’re paying attention to what they’re specifically interested in and it’s easy to say yes to buying from you.

But what if this prospect is the type of person who doesn’t say yes right away? Thanks to the data in your CRM, you can sit down once a month and pull up a list of people who have opened your emails but haven’t purchased yet. You can send them each a personal email that says hello and asks them if they have any questions for you.

Or you could invite them to your next workshop on that topic. Or invite them to a 1:1 session with you.

If they say no, you can tag them as someone who said no to this and try sending them different but related offers instead.

If they say yes, then you add them to your list of existing customers and continue to customise their experience with you by sending them emails that are exclusive to your existing customers.

Do this enough times, and you’ll start to see patterns.
When you see patterns, you can automate more of the process without losing sales.

For example, if you notice that most people you reach out to aren’t ready when you send them that first personal email, you can automate that email and then reach out to them personally a month later instead. Or if most of them say yes to the workshop invite, you can record the workshop and let them click on a link to view it instead of hosting it live each time.

Now you have a process that boosts sales and requires less of your own time trying to reach out and connect with people.

And this is just one of a hundred different ways to use CRM. You don’t have to have a blog in order to make this work, I just wanted to give you an example that was easy to relate to.

How To Choose The Right Tools For Network Marketers

The best CRM tools organize your contact list and make it easy to access exactly the info you need when you need it without overwhelm. Quick, easy, efficient. So you spend less time reaching out to prospects and more time with the people you love offline.

No more notebooks cluttering up your bottom desk drawer or post-it squares all over your wall. No more searching Etsy for better printables or trying to create your own spreadsheet from scratch.

With the right tool, you won’t need to open multiple browser tabs to look up who hasn’t heard from you in a while, what you last chatted about, how close they are to the sale, when they last purchased from you, or which blog posts they’ve clicked on. 

All of it will be at your fingertips in one dashboard and you can see exactly who is ready for a follow-up and which stage of the buying process they’re at.

That paper planner or address book is adorable but it doesn’t show you a list of contacts that need to be followed up with today!

Become The Leader They Love To Hear From

Another fun side effect of using the right tools - you never have to feel like you’re being pushy or annoying when you connect with people and talk about the things you sell or the business opportunity.

When you customise your communications based on previous conversations (or what they’ve clicked on previously) you become the leader they love to hear from. Your prospects look forward to hearing from you.

And if they simply don’t have time for this right now, they can simply ignore your latest follow up without feeling pressured to give you a clear no.

Which keeps them on your list of prospects to continue nurturing for a possible YES later!

Another trick I love to use is keeping track of exactly what objections they had to saying yes and then noting what they feel they need to overcome that objection. That way I can follow up with them when those objections have been overcome. They feel touched because it genuinely feels like I listened to them and paid attention to what was going on in their life (because I did!) and it builds their trust in you and your offer.

I love it because it’s easy to keep track of and saves me the frustration of realizing too late that the objection was overcome and I missed my opportunity! It takes very little effort on my part and makes all the difference in building that relationship.

Before I discovered CRM tools, I would end up writing the same information in three different places and thinking that I’d made more sales than I actually had. I also lost track of valuable leads because I could never remember that Jackie loves Peppermint oil so she’d probably also love an email every time it goes on sale.

But you and I both know that customer relationships are the holy grail of network marketing. Without that relationship, there are no sales, no referrals, and no money coming in. It’s the relationships that make, or break, your business.

My customers are constantly amazed by how I always know when they might be running out of their favourite oil or how I always seem to know which product they’d like to try next. I also have an uncanny knack for turning up in their inbox at just the right time.

And now you know my secret. My CRM system. 

Ready To Shop CRM Tools?

Every business is different and that’s why there are so many CRM tools on the market. Each CRM tool fits a different set of needs and a different type of budget.

Think of me as your inside source for what’s available and what’s working for businesses like yours. I work with a range of different network marketers, service-based businesses, product-based businesses, and solopreneurs so I know which tools fit which type of business.

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And I'll share with you my favourites that  help network marketing businesses reach more customers without tech overwhelm or needing to learn ALL.the.things.

And of course, every Inspired Impact website comes with CRM built-in so you can easily personalise your communications based on what blog posts they viewed, which products they’ve clicked on, and more.

Without learning a single line of code or searching for API keys.

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