Dreams Are Like MAPS

When you see other people who have created the kind of success you wish you had right now, it’s easy to feel jealous, or defeated, because you’re not there yet.

But in reality, those are signals of what you want more of in your own life!

Pay attention to those desires.

When you see someone’s website or social media page and you think, I wish I had her confidence/style/popularity/following/income/success/whatever - make note of what it is you’re wanting.

Then sit down and map out what you’re willing to do to get there.

What action steps are you willing to take to gain that level of confidence/style/popularity/following/income/success/whatever in your own way? In your own unique style?

Show up consistently everyday until you feel more confident/have more followers/gain more income?

Work with a designer to learn how to express your unique style more online?

Work with a web designer to create a website that genuinely represents you and your business so you can attract high-vibe clients and earn more income?

Map out where you want to go and what inspired actions you need to take to get there.

You can do this!

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