Freedom Fest 2019!
What a weekend!!!! 

We’ve been having terrible weather up here in the Whitsundays lately and HOLY MOLY has it tested me. 

This time last week I was told it was highly likely I wouldn’t be going to Freedom Fest due to flights being canceled. The old me would have freaked out, cried, and then lashed out but the new empowered me knew there was no point getting upset - I just needed to take control of the situation. So I did.

I changed my flight so that I would land a few days earlier than originally intended, organised somewhere to stay for extra couple of days, and rescheduled all of my appointments. 
I kissed my babies goodbye and headed to the airport. When I got to the check in desk I was told that most flights today couldn’t land and that it probably wasn’t the best decision to bring my flight forward as I would probably be sent home again. Instead of chucking a hissy fit I responded “Oh really? Well lucky it’s not raining much now and my flight will be landing shortly. I need to be on that plane, not going is not an option.”

And just like magic, the rain held out long enough for the plane to safely take off!

It was important for me to be there for my team, to have the business meetings I’d planned, to experience all that was to come. All I needed was a minute to step back and look at my options.

Because I found the solution, I still got to go to Freedom Fest and have the best time of my life!
That is what this business teaches you, it teaches you that you are always in control. ALWAYS!

If you’re feeling like you need a bit more control in your life comment ME, and I’ll show you how.

P.S. Massive appreciation to my wonderful hubby for holding down the fort while I was away!

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