The 4 Habits Of Successful Women Who Boss Up

To help you become the type of woman who grows her online business to 6-figures and beyond

When you first start building your business it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the “stuff” that has to be done. Your brain goes around in never ending circles with all the tasks you need to do and the list just keeps getting longer no matter how many things you check off.

One of the big secrets no one talks about is what that does to your brain (and body). 

Never reaching inbox zero can wreck even the strongest boss’ motivation and confidence!
And it’s a big part of why so many businesses fail in the first year.

But in truth, it’s a sign that you’re growing. If your to-do list keeps getting longer, it’s because you’re learning new things. 
Soon enough, you find yourself re-doing tasks you’ve already done, because now you know how to do them better.

But knowing that doesn’t always cure the feeling of overwhelm that comes with it. And that overwhelm can be a poison that slowly kills your business (and your health!) if you don’t learn how to deal with it early on. The trick to feeling like a success (even when it feels like you’re pushing a boulder uphill) is an amazing tool called success mindset.

Maybe you’ve seen the slogans on Instagram. Success mindset is the fuel your mind needs to do things it’s never done before. And it can be eroded too easily by stress, inbox overwhelm, and the growing to-do list.

I’d like to show you my top 4 clear and actionable ways to expand your success mindset so you become the type of woman who grows her online business to 6-figures and then 7-figures and beyond.

How? By learning from the ambitious women who have the success you crave. Learn from the bosses who’ve been there and know what you need to know.

4 Tips for overcoming overwhelm with a success mindset

Creating the right business mindset is more than just using positive affirmations (although those are a good idea too). It’s about learning from others, surrounding yourself with the right people, and developing successful habits.

Find appropriate role models

“Am I doing the right thing?”
When I first started my business I would ask myself this at least 10 times  a day.

“What’s the next step for me?”
This one, I asked myself 20 times a day.

It took me a while to realize that the answers to these questions really boil down to a mixture of intuition and learning from mentors and coaches.

Before that was clear in my mind, I did every course out there, downloaded every freebie (and plenty that weren’t free), and generally wasted a lot of time reading clever emails from the trendiest expert.

I kept thinking, “I just need to find that missing piece...”

I don’t know how I would’ve managed during the era of tiny offers! It’s maddeningly easy to go broke trying to learn all the things. 

Here’s what all of that taught me:
The missing piece wasn’t a digital product, it was a role model.
It wasn’t an Instagram strategy or a course on how to create courses or email marketing templates.
Because from where I was sitting, I had no idea how those pieces fit together to make sales. Everyone made it sound like you just plug this thing in and the sales roll in on autopilot.

And no matter how many things I tried, that never happened. Until I learned to work with people who knew what they were doing. And knew the shortcuts. Knew which things were worth my time and effort and which ones aren’t.

Find your role models. Not the billion-dollar gurus who are speaking to millions of people just like you. Find the ones who are closer to where you are today. The ones who have the success you want in the next year or two. 
Because they created their success in the same market you’re in now. They understand what you’re struggling with.

Spend some time researching people who have achieved the success you crave. Then stalk them (in a good way). Follow them on social media, join their group, sign up for their newsletters, and read their books.
Surround yourself with successful people who will inspire you.

Best of all, you may be invited to join that group of women as a guest expert someday. Building those connections now can lead to opportunities in the future.

Want a quick and easy list of leaders to follow? I recommend the ladies in this book: Women Who Bossup

Fun tip: create a vision board of the bosses who have what you want. Include images that portray what that success looks like. Use it as a reminder of what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Invest in yourself and your business

Investing will look different at different stages. Sometimes it will mean investing your time. Other times it will mean investing $10k/month in a good coach. The only thing that matters is that you invest wisely.

To grow a successful online business, you’ll need to learn how to ask for the sale with confidence, build an online presence, how to use social media effectively, how to build a website that turns strangers into customers, and so much more. Your job as the CEO is to manage all the pieces, not do all of it yourself. Never forget that!

A good coach that knows your industry well, is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. But if you can’t afford a good coach, don’t worry. You’ll get there. Start smaller and work your way up.

Hire experts to take some of the work off your to-do list. Even if it’s something you can do yourself doesn’t mean you should. Posting on social media involves strategy, psychology, algorithm changes, and more. Instead of learning all of that, hire an expert.
Building a website requires expertise in platforms, SEO, design, best practices, legal docs, email integration and more. You need to be a tech expert, search engine expert, and designer all rolled into one. Instead of learning all that, hire an expert who will get it done quickly and easily.

That’s one of the reasons I started Inspired Impact. I saw many young businesswomen struggling to get their websites and systems in place and I knew I could do it for them in about quarter of the time it was taking. I can’t fly a plane but I can set up a professional business site with my eyes shut, (I promise, I always keep my eyes open when I’m working).

Trust the process:

This can be a tricky one for people to wrap their head around, because you have to lose your attachment to instant gratification. It usually takes around 90 days for results to appear after you’ve planted your business seeds. And you can’t just plant the seeds and wait, you have to show up consistently to nurture them.

For example, just because your social media posts aren’t getting comments, doesn’t mean they aren’t reaching people. Not everyone comments or even bothers to hit the like button after reading a post. Trust that there’s a lot happening in your favour behind the scenes.

Learn what to look for and what to avoid. Count the sales, not the followers. 
Learn where you can afford to cut corners and where you really can’t Focus on the activities that directly lead to sales. 

Learn the habits of successful people:

When I say “successful people,” I mean people you admire. Don’t look to rich old white men who made millions 50 years ago. Instead, look at the habits of successful women who are walking the walk and showing others the way.

Three women who inspired me from the book Women Who Bossup:

  • Marissabelle Bonnici - A diet and health expert who sold her successful pharmacy so that she could study to help others overcome their eating disorders. She used her own experiences to build a business and a fulfilling career while helping other women.
  • Victoria Plekenpol - Victoria worked her way up to Blue Diamond doTERRA Leader while travelling with her husband and raising 3 kids. Her mission is to help women find their passion, fulfill it, and understand that it’s never too late to begin a business adventure.
  • Jennifer Blair - A consultant and coach who came back from a devastating divorce to build a business that inspires others to do the same. She says “By embracing my values and my authenticity, I was able to map out my own mission to be of service to others...”

All of these women have created and built very different businesses but the one thing they have in common is the right mindset to keep going, often despite dreadful odds. 

It’s women like these who inspired me to work from home and build a business that gives me the time freedom and financial freedom to make my own rules.

Grab your copy of the Women Who BossUp book here to learn how each of them created their success and their best advice for bosses who want to do the same.

You can also read about my path to success - the ups and downs that brought me to where I am today as the leader of the Inspired Impact building my own global empire of empowered women leaders.

In the book, I talk about my own transformational story of growing an online business and I share the absolute #1 key to standing out from everyone else who might be selling the same product or service so you can attract more people, more customers, and more clients.

I hope you enjoy it!

Success is a FEELING, not a number

Success isn’t based on how many followers you have or how much money is in the bank. Success is how you feel each day as you climb to the next level of success.
It’s whether you feel chained to your computer or you feel like the CEO of an efficient sales machine.

Success is time with your family, month-long vacations, being able to say YES to new opportunities that thrill you.

Strategy is important but mindset can ruin even the best strategies. Do your future self a favour and surround yourself with successful people today. 
Not after you reach your next income milestone... TODAY.

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