How do YOU do it ALL?

It’s the end of the decade and I feel like taking a trip down memory lane...

Nearly every day, I get emails from aspiring Diamonds, solopreneurs, and network marketers who ask me:
How do YOU do it ALL?
How can I be like you?
I feel I’m never going to make it.
So, here’s my answer to everyone who’s thinking the same thing…
THIS is me a few years ago.
I was juggling working 4 days a week, multiple MLM businesses, my web design business, my family obligations as wife and mumma, and let me just tell you, I was not juggling them well.
I was working long, exhausting, 10-16 hour days, including weekends, while my kids were starting to shine in each of their fields.
Saying I was too busy to drive them to dance practice wasn’t an option.
Saying I was too busy to get groceries or clean my house wasn’t an option.
But saying no to my business also wasn’t an option.
And so I worked the long hours.
I hired help even when I was scared I wouldn’t be able to pay the invoices each month.
I found the energy to get up and do it each day.
If you feel discouraged, I want you to know that you’ve got this.
You can do it and you can make it work.
But you need to show up and stick with it.
Even when it feels like you can’t keep up with this level of output.
ESPECIALLY when it feels like you can’t keep up with this level of output!
I’m sharing this so you know that it does get better, but before it does, it looks really bad.
And when it gets better, it’s sooooo worth it.
The first time you enjoy a 5-figure month is the sweetest reward.
The first time you can take a whole month off to travel with your daughter to her performances overseas without worrying about how your business will run without you is even sweeter!
Ask me how I know. 😉

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