How Would You Like to Spend The Day

You *could* spend your day running errands, going to the movies with the kids, or reading on the couch.

You could also spend another day at your desk, working on your business so you can finally quit your day job and be independent.

OR you could spend your day in a gorgeous hotel with a group of inspiring women AND getting more done on your business than any other single weekend thus far!

We’ll start the day shooting high-quality, beautiful photos and brand videos that capture the glow of this high-vibe environment and your excitement.

You'll radiate success energy and the photos will spread that energy to your website, your social media posts, and your potential clients!

Then we'll break for lunch before diving in for an intensive afternoon of branding, marketing, and web design sessions.

But that's not all!

In the weeks following this amazing day, you'll receive:
- your brand photos and video from Chloe Horder
- a beautifully designed logo from Ash Ahern
- a marketing map that clears your path to clients from Mollie Fagan of Real To Ideal Marketing
- and a 4-page website with your sales funnel, blog, and autoresponder all set up by Jasmine Kratz of Inspired Impact

Of course, you could spend that Saturday doing what you usually do on the weekends.

Or you could accelerate your success and enjoy the day with us!

Which will it be?

Figure it out on your own or build your empire with us?
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