Why Social Media Is The Hardest Way To Grow A Network Marketing Business

Why Social Media Is The Hardest Way To Grow A Network Marketing Business

 (And what to do about it to boost your sales and grow your following.)

It can be frustrating trying to get your MLM business off the ground, especially at the beginning when there’s so much to learn.
On top of learning about the products, ranking systems, enrolment bonuses, and your back office, you also need to learn how to do your own sales, marketing, and branding.
You can see the success that others have made for themselves and you KNOW you’re capable of this too. Because you’re smart, you’re not afraid of hard work, and you’re determined to rise the ranks.
You were BORN for this and you can feel it deep in your soul!
So let’s spend a few minutes now to ensure you’re making the right moves that translate into success.

Start building your reputation and reach new customers on social media

You may have been told you need to create a “personal brand” that helps you shine online in a way that’s unique to you.
Social media is a great place to experiment with how you want to show up, what you want your business to look like, sound like, and feel like to your following.
Think of social media as a testing ground for what lights you up and what your audience responds to.
If your numbers are insanely low right now and you feel like you’re attracting people who already buy the product from someone else (not potential customers for you) don’t worry. I’ll show you how to fix that right here in this post.

Stand out as a leader

I know, I know, some days you don’t feel like a leader. Some days you barely feel like you’re keeping your head above water. I hear you.
Think of this as dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. Dress your social media feed to reflect the person you’re becoming. The person you’re growing into.
This isn’t the same as “fake it til you make it” because you’re not being fake.
You already ARE a bright and shining leader inside yourself. Now it’s time to release that leader into the world.
People follow leaders, not products

Your future customers aren’t interested in the product itself, they’re interested in how it will change their life.
You already know how these products will change their life, but they don’t. They haven’t lived through what you’ve lived through to reach that perspective.
Which is why they’re scrolling through social media, hungry for a leader who can show them the way. Someone who will show them how to turn their struggles into success.
Whether that struggle is happening in their health, wealth, or happiness, everyone is seeking success in some area of their life.
Be the one to show them the way and you will stand out as a leader who attracts a steady stream of ideal customers.

Earn trust

Have you noticed that most network marketers’ social media followers are other network marketers who sell the same product?
There’s a simple reason for that!
If you show up on social media expecting to bank on the trust people have in the brand you sell, guess what happens? 
You attract people who already trust the brand. 
Which means they’re already buying the brand from someone else.
We don’t start off trusting brands.
We start off trying a new product and if it works better than we had expected, then we start to trust that brand.
We buy products because we want better results in some area of our life. We buy products because we want something bigger.
We want to look younger, feel sexier, make more money, or feel more energy and joy.
If you want to attract people who haven’t tried the product yet, who aren’t already buying the product from someone else, then you need to reach people who don’t already trust the product you sell.
Instead, build a personal brand and earn people’s trust in YOU.
Then you can sell them anything as long as it has your stamp of approval.
Become the friend they trust who recommends a product you love and they will line up to try it with you. And if it works better than expected, they’ll buy again and again and again until they fully trust the product too.
And all those sales will go to you because you’re the trusted friend who introduced them to the product in a way that made sense to them.

Show them that you’re someone who is worthy of their time, attention, and money

Something else you may have noticed - most network marketers have a large following but few sales. No matter how many people engage with their posts on social, they have trouble translating that to sales.
There’s a simple reason for that too!
You can use social media to stand out and earn trust. 
But you lose that authority and trust when you send people to your MLM links from social media. 
2 reasons: 
1. Now you’re back to being one of the thousands of people trying to sell the same product as everyone else.
2. MLM sites can be tricky and confusing to a new customer (or team member). Let’s face it, MLM sites are so much harder to buy from than Amazon, Etsy, or any of the other sites your potential customer is comfortable with.
In order to get your new prospects to stick it out and complete that sale, they need to REALLY want it and REALLY want it from you.
And it’s nearly impossible to build that kind of hunger and trust with social media alone.
Because social media is a bit superficial.
It attracts people who are only half paying attention. It’s great at impulse sales, but unless your MLM site has their name, address, and credit card on file already, it’s going to feel “too hard” to finish right now and they’ll put it off for later.
And then never get back to it.

The solution that leads to MORE sales, more trust, and positions you as the one-and-only person they want to buy from

Use social media to reach new people. People who aren’t yet using the products you sell. People who are looking for a solution and don’t know who to trust.
Then guide those people to something that builds a stronger hunger and deeper level of trust. 
The most successful way of doing this is called a sales funnel. 
You may have heard of sales funnels as crazy complicated things that require a ton of tech but that’s not necessary. 
A sales funnel can be as simple as a blog post that gets them hungry for more and then offers them a chance to get more by signing up for your email list.
Once they’re on your email list, you can continue building the hunger and trust they need to suffer through your MLM link and finish the sale.
If you think of all the people you’ve already reached on social media (and all the people you will reach in the next 12 months)...
Imagine each person who didn’t buy from you yet. Imagine them scrolling through social media and seeing your post. They already know, like, and trust you, so they click the link in your post.
This is what we call WARM leads or your WARM audience. They clicked a link in your social media post because they’re genuinely interested in what you’re talking about.
The link takes them to a blog post where they can go deeper into the topic with you. It warms them up for the sale. And then it offers them a next step. They want this next step so they enter their email address to get it. 
Everyone who takes that next step has just proven themselves more likely to do the work needed to finish the sale. This is what we call HOT leads or your HOT audience.
These are the people most ready to buy. And they’re all yours right now. You’ve got their attention, their email address, and a chance to pitch your offer.

Want a shortcut that accomplishes ALL of this with ease?

I know I just dropped a lot on you. This is some high-level marketing stuff that a lot of MLM’s don’t teach because it’s a bit overwhelming.
But it’s such an important piece that you truly can’t afford to skip it! What I just shared with you is the difference between network marketers who struggle without sales for years, and those who climb the ranks quickly (and make it look easy).
You can stand out as a leader in your field, earn your audience’s trust, build their hunger for what you sell, AND show them that you’re someone who is worthy of their time, attention, and money with a successful online presence.
Creating a successful online presence using social media would take years.
But you can do it in less than 3 months with the right website.
Not just any website. The right website. 
A site that has all the tools you need to easily create sales funnels, email your list, and build relationships with your audience.
A site that WOWS your audience when they land on it because it looks amazing. YOU look amazing. You look like someone they want to get closer to. Someone they want to follow and learn from and work with.
A site that clearly shows them why YOU are the person who will help them end their struggle and create their own success. 
And they can feel it reaching off the page and into their hearts.
They can feel your energy coming out of the screen. And it makes them believe in their own potential to do this too.
This could take weeks or years for you to piece together if you take the time to research which platforms are best for your type of business, how to take photos that really show off your best qualities, and how to create a sales funnel from scratch.

 For a successful online presence, you’ll need to learn:
- What makes the best lead magnets for your type of business (lead magnets are the “next step,” the free gift you offer people in exchange for their email address).
- How many online tools you’ll need to build a successful funnel like an email tool, blogging tool, funnel tool, and a way of connecting them to each other (hint: you can do it all with just one tool if you choose the right platform).
- How to use those tools effectively and keep them working. (SEO, email marketing, sales funnel strategies, branding, etc.)
It sounds like a lot because it is.

But again, I have a shortcut for you: 

I’ve already done all that research so you don’t have to.

I eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff to make sure my clients are using the best tools for the job and not making it harder than it needs to be.
I build funnels for you so you don’t have to learn how to do it from scratch.
And I have a dream team of photographers, videographers, branding experts, and marketing experts to help you shine online. So that you truly do stand out as the leader you’re meant to be.
With an Inspired Impact website, you can create a successful online presence in less than 3 months.
And it doesn’t cost a lot.

The investment is nothing compared to the sales you lose every month by not having an online presence that attracts hungry customers.
But my favourite feature of an Inspired Impact website, the one thing ALL my clients rave about:
It makes you feel like a bright and shining leader. No more imposter syndrome, no more feeling like you’re faking it, no more stumbling over your sales pitches, and no more feeling like you have to explain the sign-up process to people in hopes that they’ll finish the sale.
One look at your site and your customers will feel like they’ve finally found what they’re looking for and who they want to buy it from.
One look at your site and YOU will feel like the successful leader who shows up and creates her own success!
Want proof?
Book a call with me and I can share with you my portfolio of Industry Leaders I've helped to implement a successful online presence. 

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