Join us at  my VIP Branding Day 
"Good Enough " got you this far. 
But it won't lift you and  your team to bigger success. The leader you have become deserves better! 
Let's shatter the glass ceiling and move into the next tier of your global empire

When you step into your true potential, it raises your whole team to a new level.
But it’s not enough to feel it offline.

It needs to show up online, where your audience can feel it too.
A successful online presence is the #1 thing that helps you reach new followers, attract amazing team members, and land your next book next soul aligned client, speaking gig or promotion.

Your online presence should grow as you grow.

Refresh your brand, marketing, and website to stand out and radiate the success you’ve created.
The success your audience craves.

Show up and shine for the day and my team will boost you to the next gorgeous level
Want to know why you need this?

Because what’s truly holding you back from the next income tier isn’t unmotivated team members, 
your hectic schedule, or running out of ideas.

It’s an unshakeable confidence in what you’re offering online.

If you knew, I mean really knew that your team was tripling their success because the tools you provided for them 
empowered their ability to do better work...

And if you LOVED sending people to your website because nothing else compares to the experience they’ll find there... 

And you knew that experience would wow them, delight them, and convert them...

Your business would transform.

Because I’ve watched women step into their true potential during this event.
From caterpillar to butterfly in a single day.

And I’ve seen their businesses blossom after presenting their new website to the world.

A new site with fully automated sales funnels in place, gorgeous photos that feel alive on the screen, 
professional video on their sales pages, and a marketing plan to guide them to the next tier.

I’ve seen businesses explode in a single week.

Even if you just need a brand “refresh” not an overhaul
Even if the tools you use are fine for now, but you don’t really like using them yourself
Even if it’s winter and you don’t feel vibrant right now.

There will always be an excuse, but there won’t always be this opportunity to work with a dream team in 
a gorgeous environment.

It would take months to put all this together yourself. To hire the right people and outsource the branding, 
marketing, and web design.

Leave the tech and planning to us!

Book your spot, pack your bags, and join us for a day of empire growth!

Your Online Empire will shine with the success you've created and look as radiant 
as your ideal clients want to feel
And it will feel easy for you and  your team to use

Tap into your divine energy as a leader.

Surround yourself with the energy of luxury and success so that you truly show your most 
vibrant side in front of the cameras.

Learn how to scale your online efforts for bigger results so you know exactly what is creating that glass 
ceiling and how to shatter it.

Align your goals and mindset with who you’re growing into and we’ll incorporate it into your website 
to give you the tools to become her.

You’ll work with my dream team of photographers, videographers, branding experts, marketing experts for 
 a full day and then before and after the VIP day to elevate your online image. 

After the in-person event, we’ll create your fully customized website designed for team collaboration and influencer 
status on an easy-to-use all-in-one leadership platform.

Meanwhile, our marketing experts will craft a custom-designed marketing strategy that shows the shortest 
path between where you are now and your global empire - and how to get there.

I've assembled a team of experts who repeatedly deliver incredible results so that all you have to do 
is soak up the luxury environment and shine in front of the  camera

“A massive big big thank you to Jasmine Kratz for bringing together a fantastic retreat for us all. So much gratitude for you gorgeous girl ?? you go above and beyond and have given us all the best head start we could hope for in achieving our dreams. 
The content, information and support we have received from your dream team all is invaluable. And to all the beautiful ladies who attended. It has honestly been one of the best experiences I have done and I am so grateful for the friendships I have now gained. 
Has been an absolutely amazing weekend and I am so so glad I said YES!!! I had a blast! It was so nice to learn and gain all this incredible knowledge, and laugh, I haven't laughed and felt so free to be me in a really long time and I am so pumped to head on our journeys together. 
Much love and appreciation for you all ???? Jasmine Kratz you are an amazing woman and completely nailed your first retreat and have made a massive inspired impact in the lives of us all that’s for sure. Thank you so much ?????? 

I have had the privilege of working with Jas now for approx. 15 months.  Over the course of that time, she introduced me to her VIP Brand day – a day that covered photography and videography which was something I had been struggling with ‘getting right’ for my website – well the photography part.  
What I experienced during the event, I will ever be grateful for.  The experience brought with it growth, not just in myself but also in my posture in my business that I could never have anticipated. 
I love the expertise that is included, and that during the experience, we were made feel at ease so that we could be captured naturally – something that adds weight to finding out who we are for those visiting our website – our home on the web where people can get to know, like and trust us.  Our end result provides exactly that!
I cannot recommend Jasmine highly enough, and all I can say is dip your toe in – you will be so very thankful you do!
Wendy Parker 

Jasmine Kratz did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier with the way it came out. Thank you Jas!!!
One of my favourite features on the site is the Essential Oils page which lists each of the doTERRA oils and links to individual pages with info, uses, cautions, and more

Jo Dissenayake 

Just jumped off a Zoom meeting.
And I wanted to do a shoutout for this incredible woman.
Jasmine runs Inspired Impact
She has been assisting me so much over the past few months.
Building my beautiful website.
Helping this very ‘non tech savvy’ person create so much automation and delicious things.
..... without the need to rip my hair out!
And well I think she deserves a massive shoutout.
She adds so much value.
Her customer service is amazing and she is always there to help me with questions and more than happy to jump on a Zoom.
Big thank you Jas!
I appreciate you more than you know!
Thank you for making my life easier!
Anyone wanting help with website stuff or if you would love to get a site built reach out to her - she comes with a super dooper big recommendation from me!

Bec C Collier

I highly recommend Jasmine Kratz who is the powerhouse & soul behind Inspired Impact! I'm SO grateful for her expertise & guidance... especially when I'm in technology 'overwhelm' or slipping on my schedule. Jasmine is more than keeping me on track & giving my biz the online presence & momentum it needs... she is understanding, patient, delightful & helps with key messaging & strategy. A mentor on many levels who I value enormously ?? 

Katie May Taylor

Brand Stories created at our events....

Client Websites
About your host 
Jasmine Kratz  
Jasmine is a Mentor for entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and Affiliate and Network Marketers teaching her clients how to create their online empires.  Her passion for supporting people and seeing them succeed is what gets her out of bed everyday.  Her jam is helping you get sexy systems and tailored tools in place to share your brand and your message with the world.  In today's digital world you need a kick-ass website and social media presence to attract and engage with your audience and customers.  Owner of Inspired Impact  Jasmine has  a Degree is Business Management and has been named one of the 8 Female Change-makers of 2020 and 2018 Gold Winner, & 2019 Silver at the Whitsunday Tourism Awards. Jasmine prides herself on providing her clients with the best systems, tools, and strategies to build a personal brand online.   As one of the lead trainers in the Online Entrepreneur community she teaches online marketing to a community of entrepreneurs . As a business owner, coach, and online marketer she know exactly how you feel and the challenges you face in growing your brand online and will support you to get out of overwhelmed phase and start seeing success. Hence why the VIP Branding Days & Empire Growth Retreat was born, a 3 day event to bring together everything you need to dominate your niche and build a successful personal brand online that attracts your ideal clientele. 

Introducing my Dream Team of experts and speakers

Mollie Fagan

Mollie’s clients started calling her the Mer-pirate of Marketing because “she helps you uncover the hidden treasure that is your unique way of doing business and use it to attract soulmate clients that can’t wait to go on an adventure with you!”
She created Real To Ideal as a vehicle for global evolution, to help biz owners, thought leaders, and influencers grow their own movements and revolutionize their industries.
She'll help you market your business in a way that feels FUN, easy, and authentic for bigger impact and income.

 Chloe Horder

Chloe is a multi-passionate producer who creates and edits beautiful branding videos and photographs for some of Australia’s leading heart-centred entrepreneurs, speakers, independent designers, influencers and personalities. She has spent the past few years dedicating her time behind-the-scenes to produce and launch multiple world-class training series’, chart topping podcasts, consulting everyone from start-up entrepreneurs to stadiums and local government to putting their name on the digital map.  Her mission is to help those who “have been dreaming of creating, but never knew how to” and those ready to step into their own light make their vision a reality through producing engaging eCourses; content series; films for small and personal brands; social ads and TVCs that stand out from the pack for impact.


Ash Ahern

Ash Ahern is a Brand Development Expert for Online Entrepreneurs & Emerging Influencers. She co-creates aligned visuals for Facebook, Instagram, sales pages, websites, funnels and more. Her Anchor Method has propelled her to the forefront of the online business industry as a leading authority on authentic brands and how to market them. 

Tam Luc

Tam helps enrepreneurs create a bestselling book super fast and use it as a tool to help them make more sales (no matter what they sell).

If you really need to take your message and monetize it, enjoy more credibility, and stand out from the crowd then we can definitely help you.


Unique Marketing Strategy
Real To Ideal crafts enlightened marketing for rebels WITH a cause because we believe we can make the world a better place through how we do business and how we show up online. Marketing that makes a difference with every post ~ for you, your customers, and the planet!  As part of the Inspired Impact Retreat, Mollie will custom-tailor a marketing solution for you, based on where you are in your business now so you get the most effective tactics to help you double your influence, impact, and income in a way that feels fun, easy, and authentic!

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how online marketing works (in a way that finally makes SENSE) so you know where to focus your energy and efforts. And you’ll know exactly how to get your new website in front of your ideal audience for a consistent stream of new sales every month.

Mollie Fagan
Real to Ideal Marketing

Personal Branding

Branding is SO much more than a pretty logo and colour palette. It's about WHO YOU ARE at your very core. It's your mission; your message. It's who you serve and WHY. The right brand will communicate all of that and attract the people you're meant to work with (and deflect those who aren't)!  

Your brand is not just a set of colours, a logo, fonts and pictures. Your brand is a visual representation of who you are at your CORE.  You don't need a rebrand. You need a brand re-alignment.  When you are finally in alignment with your visual identity, MAGIC happens. Let's co-create your aligned brand! 

Ash Ahern
Mecca Branding Lab 

Monetize your message

Find Your Voice.
Share Your Story.
We have everything you need to help you take your message and monetize it, enjoy more credibility, and stand out from the crowd! Monetize Your Message

Tam Luc
Women with Vision International

Video & Photo Storytelling
 What is a brand without purpose and without story? These questions should be the key motivators that drive the backbone of your brand to connect it with your audience in meaningful and engaging ways. Video has proven to be one of the most effective tools for online marketers to spread their word and create meaningful relationships with their dream clients in this day and age. Because 90% of what is transmitted to the brain is visual, and we are capable of processing visuals 60,000 times faster than copy alone, so when video is executed with authenticity and total brand alignment it has proven to have the ability to convert up to 85% more customers. Having worked behind the scenes for the past six years with high profile entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, athletes, politicians and start up labels to put their name on the digital map through branded storytelling, I’m all about coming home to who “have been dreaming of creating, but never knew how to” and those ready to step into their own light make their vision a reality. My clients have launched wildly successful eCourses, landed coveted book deals, sold out national and international tours and paved their path to have lasting impact and dedicated fans who champion their name.  It’s all about word of mouth, baby, and I am so excited to take these first steps to dive deep into your brand, your story and your message with you. 

Chloe Horder

Website  Creative

Shelby is Jasmine's superstar assistant and one of our amazing designers at Inspired Impact. Her focus is to support you with the creation of your website. Shelby is a source of support and guidance during your experience and beyond. 


Shelby Langendam
Inspired Impact

Online Business Design & Coaching

We live in a visual word so the website you use should be visually engaging to your potential clients.  Your personal brand starts with a online home, somewhere your customers and future tribe members can find you. This all inclusive 4 page website provides you you with a blog, marketing funnel to your ebook, webinar or group, email autoresponder, CRM and so much more.    If you are a previous client and already have a website and then you can take up 6 weeks of Jasmine Ignite 1:1 Coaching Program instead of the 4 page website.  

Inspired Impact by Jasmine Kratz

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